parents' association

Parents’ association

Our goal is to keep the parent’s interests in terms of curricular education.

The parents’ association institutions are:

  • The management

  • The committee

  • The general assembly of all parents’ association members

The parents’ association is:

  • Non-profit

  • Non-party

  • Non-denominational

Management and PTSA Members 2012/2013

Results of the 62th general meeting on the 6th of December 2012



chairman and PTSA member

Schmutzer Hannes

deputy chairman and PTSA deputy

Mader Renate

cashier and PTSA member

Ing. Frischmann Harald Erich

cashier deputy and PTSA deputy

Dipl. Ing. Vondracek Paul MBA

recording clerk and PTSA member

Ing. Pleyer Walter

recording clerk deputy and PTSA deputy

Ing. Leitner Rudolf


Dickbauer Rosa


Plass Karin

Functions of Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

Tha PTSA consists of 3 representatives from students, parents and teachers. By establishing a partnership we are able to participate by allocating 5 days off during the school year and holidays.

Which tasks has the parents’ association to fulfil?

The parents’ association helps students to finance additional qualifications like seminars on rhetorics, fork lift courses and language weeks.

To help as many students as possible we will provide financial support on request (e.g. sports week).

How are you as parents able to support the parents’ association work?

As class representative you can:

  • acquire the latest news on school life

  • share ideas for the daily school life

  • Exchange experiences

  • Participate in votes of topics which concern the school (promotion of students for language- or sports weeks, project promotion, etc.)


Actual membership fee

The membership fee for every student is € 24 per student and school year.

If there are more than one student who attends our school, you only have to pay the respective part of the membership fee:

  • One student: EUR 24,-

  • Two students: EUR 12,-

  • Three students: EUR 8,-

  • Four students: EUR 6,-

At deposit, please indicate name and class of the student.

Account number: Bank Austria Creditanstalt Kto 640 107 207

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