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Language Week in Dublin, Ireland - 2XKELI/2XKET

We, 19 students of the 2 XKELI and the 2XKET and our teachers Ms Tarmann and Mr Pöllendorfer, were very excited as we arrived at Dublin airport on Friday the 19th of June 2015.  We were going to spend a week in Dublin to learn English and about Irish culture.


On our first day we met at 7pm at the Spire because it’s easy to find so we thought it would be a good place to meet.  It’s a big tower in the middle of the city.  The reason we all met was because we wanted to take a closer look at Dublin.  We went straight to Temple Bar and drank some apple juice at the Ha’penny Bridge Inn.  There was also Irish live music.  We stayed there until 1.30 am and went home by tacsai (taxi).  That was our first day in Dublin.

On the second day of our stay in Dublin we visited the Jameson Distillery.  Our lovely teachers organised a guided tour for us.  Every one of us was impressed by the way they brew their whiskey.  But we´re pretty sure that the end of the tour was the best part of it because that’s when we got some whiskey to taste.  Overall, we can just say that our visit to the Jameson Distillery was a great experience.

After the Jameson Distillery we had a break so we decided to walk to the city instead of taking the bus.  We wanted to see the city.  After a few minutes we found a beautiful castle called “Dublin Castle”.  It was a very impressive experience.  It is a very historic castle like the Hofburg in Vienna.  We took a lot of pictures and after that we had lunch.


On Sunday we went to Howth.  At the start we could hardly imagine what Howth would look like.  We thought it wouldn’t be that special but when we finally arrived we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.  Near the “DART” station there was the dock.  From there you could see a big beautiful island and a small lighthouse.  We stayed there for about 10 minutes then we began to walk towards the cliffs.  On our way to the cliffs you could see the beautiful landscape of Ireland.  After about 30 minutes we came to a place where you could choose between three routes.  We chose the 10km route where you could see a bigger lighthouse.  After about one hour of walking we finally arrived at the second lighthouse but what we saw there blew our minds.  There was a small beach between the cliffs.  It didn’t take us long to choose where to go, either to the beach or lighthouse.  We wanted to go down to the beach!  But it was quite hard to get down there (70m) but we got there in the end.  When we finally arrived down at the beach we couldn’t believe how nice it was.  But we couldn’t stay our whole lifetime there so we began to climb up the cliffs.  All in all, this place was so beautiful that it motivated us to come again to Ireland to see more of the country’s landscapes.

In Howth, we also ate fish and chips – it was great!  We love it.  Fish and chips is one of the national dishes of Ireland.  When you buy it, you get a box with chips, or in German it’s called “pommes” and some pieces of battered fish.  Before you eat it you can put some salt and vinegar on the fish and chips.  After that you can eat it with a dip, like sour cream.  If you are done and there is still something to eat in the box you can feed the birds and seagulls.  It was a nice experience to feed the birds and seagulls.


On Monday, we visited the Guinness Storehouse.  The Guinness Storehouse is amazing for anyone who loves beer.  We first heard about the ingredients in Guinness beer.  It’s just water, barley, hops and yeast – they are all natural.  They only use the highest quality ingredients.  Most of the people think that Guinness is black but it’s actually a deep ruby red colour.  The roasted barley gives it its characteristic colour.  After we finished our tour through the Storehouse, we went to the top floor to the “Gravity Bar”.  It’s a bar where you can see almost all parts of Dublin.  The view up there was amazing and impressive.  We really enjoyed the Guinness Storehouse.

We had only four days (from Monday to Thursday) at school in Dublin.  Our teachers were very nice and the classes began at 9am.  We had two different teachers.  Their names were Christine and Nadene.  We were split into two groups.  The classes ended at 1pm but on Monday we had one more lesson.  During one lesson, we played games and had a competition.  We were split into two groups.  The name of the first group was “Goldenberg” and the other was “Bobby and the Gang”.  On the last day (Thursday) we made presentations and wrote a report about our time in Dublin.

On Wednesday, we went to see Malahide Castle, but first we stopped to enjoy the beach.  A few of us even went into the water and we all had a lot of fun watching them freeze in the cold water.  After a while our professor found out that the water was warmer further down the beach.  We went there and it was unbelievable, the water was warm and half a metre away it was as cold as before.  After the beach we went to see the castle but unfortunately you could only see it from the outside so we sat down in the grass and took a few pictures.

Also on Wednesday, we went to a company called “ATA”.  ATA is a company that produces burrs for power tools.  First the boss of the company came and told us about the company.  Then two of the main managers split us into two groups and showed us the machines that create those burrs.  They showed us that the burrs are made of the second hardest material in the world, which they mostly import from China.  The workers there looked like zombies because they do the same thing all day on those machines.  The two machines which most of us found interesting were the machine which put two parts of the burrs together by heating them up with an insane force and the laser that they use for branding their product.  The best part of the trip was the bus drive where we were able to catch up on our sleep that we had lost the night before.  All in all it was kind of interesting but just for a few of us because we are electronics students and not mechanics.

On the sixth day, some of us didn’t want to go visit another Irish company because we wanted to go shopping in the city.  So after school we went to the “Hard Rock Café”.  It was an amazing shop.  After 30 minutes we went to “Abercrombie and Fitch”.  It was great.  Then we wanted to buy something Irish from a souvenir shop.  There were lots of great things to buy for our families.  After two hours we all finished and needed something to eat so we went to a McDonalds to eat some burgers.  And then we drove home.  It was a nice afternoon staying in the city and going shopping.

Overall, Dublin is more than just a city and we saw more than we expected.  It was a great experience and brought two classes together.

By Jorge, Emir, Boban, Florian, Stefan, Patrick, Sebastian, Lukas, Marcel & Nikola

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